Counseling Services:

Our consultants are innovative and have a range of experience from at least one year to over twenty years of experience. As an organization we provide the best by giving even our entry-level consultants (both in-house and contracted) a chance to show them and represent our beliefs of maximum impact (positive) with minimum presence.

Deltastrike Concepts counseling/consultancy services fall into two major categories; Personal and Organizational. Our organization supplies these fees on a sliding scale basis for our low-income clients.


We provide metaphysical and spiritual counseling via tarot, astrology, numerology, biofeedback and other services as needed. We provide these services with in-house or contracted consultants. How we apply these tools are based on clients needs.


Review of grants and funding streams, restructuring issues to reviewing business plans. We use outside (Contracted consultants) and in-house personnel. One of our outside consultants we use is Brzezinska Consultants, who perform risk assessments for us to other veteran organizations to build and support veteran businesses.